Zajecar Initiative Supports School Elections

School elections

Zajecar Initiative Supports School Elections


Zajecar Initiative announced a new call for participation within the "School Elections" program, intended for student parliaments, on November 3, 2020. Through this program, the Zajecar Initiative provides complete technical, mentoring, and financial support to student parliaments to plan, prepare, and conduct school elections. The program is available for high-schools from the Timok region, as well as from the municipalities of Svrljig, Aleksinac, Ćuprija, and Paraćin.

The goal of the "School Elections" program is to enable high school student parliaments to elect their presidents in a democratic way through real and direct elections! School elections are a very effective way for young people to learn about related topics, as well as to strengthen their trust in democratic institutions and processes.

Through a very fun program, high school students will have the opportunity to collect signatures for their candidacy, gather their election teams, participate in election education and conduct real campaigns in their schools. Candidates and their teams will have funds available for their campaigns based on a previously submitted and approved campaign budget.

The Zajecar Initiative tested the school elections in Zajecar with great success, which encouraged it to improve and expand this program. Similar programs are implemented around the world. Many countries with a far greater tradition of democracy today use a similar methodology to increase the turnout of young people voting in the right elections for the first time.

All information about this program is available on the website Also, applying for participation in the program is done exclusively through this site, by filling out an online form.

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2020.



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