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The goal of the "Youth in Motion" program is to provide support to student parliaments to launch initiatives that contribute to understanding the responsible and active participation of young people in democratic life.

For more than 10 years, the Zajecar Initiative has been successfully supporting student parliaments in the Timok region. So far, over 70 projects of school parliaments have been supported through the Youth in Motion program, which has enabled young people to engage in their schools and communities around the challenges they face, as well as to get the right knowledge on topics such as democracy, activism, human rights and more.

The funds are available for high-school student parliaments from the territory of the following municipalities/cities: Zajecar, Knjazevac, Boljevac, Sokobanja, Bor, Negotin, Majdanpek, Kladovo, Svrljig, Paracin, Aleksinac, and Cuprija.


Program priorities

Through this program, we want to help student parliaments to:

- Work on strengthening youth activism and encourage their involvement in decision-making processes;

- Develop a culture of democracy and inclusive participation in their schools;

- Promote the values of a democratic society, the rights and freedoms of citizens among students and the wider community;

- Develop critical thinking of young people;

- Educate other school students about democratic institutions, values, and processes;

Student parliaments can apply for a maximum of $ 700 in dinar equivalent. Parliaments should summarize their idea in the online application form available on this webpage. Applications are submitted exclusively online.

Detailed information regarding this competition can be found in the Call for Proposals, which is part of the competition documentation.

For additional information regarding the proposal, please contact the Grants Coordinator, Dragana Gogev ([email protected], 019 440 225 or 060 7 444 004).

* Parliaments must consider current measures regarding the ongoing coronavirus epidemic at the local and national levels. In the event of measure changes, approved projects will have space to modify the proposed activities according to the current situation.

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