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Future Student Parliament presidents in training with the Zajecar Initiative
Candidates for future student parliament presidents from six cities participated in a weekend training session held in Lake Bor under the School Elections progr...
School Elections
Zaječarska inicijativa poziva parlamente da se prijave za program „Školski izbori“. Cilj programa „Školski izbori“ je da se đačkim parlamentima srednjih škola...
Zaječarska inicijativa poziva đačke parlamente da se prijave za program ''Školski izbori''
Zaječarska inicijativa je ponovo raspisala poziv za učešće u programu „Školski izbori“ koji je namenjen đačkim parlamentima srednjih škola. Kroz ovaj progra...
Zajecar Initiative Supports School Elections
Zajecar Initiative announced a new call for participation within the "School Elections" program, intended for student parliaments, on November 1, 2020. Through...
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