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The goal of the ZIman Youth Fund is to support young people to launch initiatives that lead to positive change in local communities and contribute to understanding the responsible and active participation of young people in the democratic life of communities.

Through Ziman's youth fund, the Zajecar Initiative has so far supported over 70 projects of youth organizations from the Timok region in the total value of over $150,000. Over 3,000 young people participated in these projects dealing with various topics recognized as important by young people in their communities. 

Program priorities

Through this program, support can be given to those projects initiated by young people in order to:

• Identify existing problems and negative phenomena related to democratic governance and democratic norms in the local community and propose solutions;

• Influence more transparent and accountable work of local authorities;

• Promote the values of a democratic society, the rights and freedoms of citizens among other young people;

Special priority will be given to draft projects that:

• Include art, creative expression and new technologies, as a way to achieve goals.

Who can apply for ZIman Youth fund:

Civil society organizations registered according to the Law on Associations, with their headquarters in one of the following cities: Zajecar, Knjazevac, Boljevac, Sokobanja, Bor, Negotin, Majdanpek, Kladovo, Svrljig, Paracin, Aleksinac, Cuprija, Krusevac, Cicevac, Varvarin, Svilajnac, Despotovac, Zagubica, Kucevo, Petrovac na Mlavi, Nis, Rozanj, Kragujevac, Smederevo, Velika Plana, Pozarevac,  who have experience in working with young people.

Informal youth groups and initiatives can actively participate in the design and implementation of the project as partners of existing associations.

Organizations can apply for a maximum amount of $3,000 while the minimum amount is $1,000 in dinar equivalent. Detailed information regarding this competition can be found in the Call for Proposals, which is part of the application documentation.

Organizations should summarize their idea in the online application form available on this webpage.

Applications are submitted exclusively online, through this website and must contain:

Applications must include:

- Concept Note  (to be filled in as an online form)

- Completed budget proposal (attached when filling in the online form, as an Excel file. The form can be found within the application documentation)

- A copy of the Association Registration (attached when filling in the online form, as a pdf or jpg file)

- Statute of the organization (attached when filling out the online form, as a pdf or jpg file)

For all additional information regarding the call for proposals, you can contact the Grants coordinator, Dragana Gogev ([email protected], 019 440 225 or 060 7 444 004).

Year Organisation Project Amount
2023. 287.900,00 RSD
2023. 287.900,00 RSD
2023. 319.200,00 RSD
2023. 277.300,00 RSD
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